Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tech Tuesday Tip Brought to you by Randall Gann

Just a thought from service manager, Randall Gann, to brighten this rainy Tuesday afternoon... Are you concerned about your lustrous paint looking fresh even through the rain, snow and salt this winter? Let me ease your mind! While rain, snow and salt are very tough on paint and can cause huge issues, that does not have to be the case. You can have a beautiful car through it all. The answer is fairly simple and very affordable! All you need to do is apply a tough coat of good car wax. The wax will act act as a protective barrier between the grime and your car's topcoat. That glistening vehicle will keep its luster this winter after only a few hours work. Definitely worth it to keep that car looking fabulous! Check back next Tuesday for another tip to preserve your car! Get your car in shape before winter sets in. Come on in and come see Randall Gann and the Service Department! Have a fabulous week! http://www.woodysdjc.com/service/index.htm

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