Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Relief

As you may have heard, Woodys is a drop point for a Haiti Relief drive for Heart to Heart. This is a very cool event that allows individuals and especially youth to get involved on a very personal level because it take work and a sacrifice of time. The drive consists of shopping for essential health supplies and placing them in plastic bags. Many individuals have talked of taking their children shopping for the supplies...stuffing the bags and bringing the supplies to Woodys. The children are actually participating, working, sacrificing and understanding what it is to be merciful and selfless. Please see for details.


Monday, January 11, 2010

chillicothe YMCA

I was thinking recently about our standard of living in the United States relative to other countries. WOW! Then I thought about good ole Chillicothe MO. We have it good. What a great place to raise children. Sure there might be more financial opportunities out there in bigger cities, but living here in this blessed little town in the sticks is worth the trade off. Think about our YMCA. I was working out Saturday remembering when many of us were talking about the Y and dreaming the dream. What an awesome facility. Dave Rogers has done a wonderful job making it a true blessing to Chillicothe. This is a facility usually not found in larger towns. We have many things like that in an all Christian music radio station, a great local station in KCHI, our own newspaper, an 18 hole golf course and a wonderul main street Chillicothe. I feel blessed to have been born in a great little town in a great country.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Well the kids are all back in school and its back to business as usual...or is it? Do you want more of the same? None of us can keep doing things the way we have always done and expect a different result. As I wrote last is the time for change...for a new beginning. Join with me in writing down goals and then starting to make choices that would lead to the accomplishment of those goals...and HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The All New Woody's Automotive Group in Chillicothe has certainly made changes for this year. Please visit and find the "wow we're different" page. You'll see what I am talking about. PLUS, please notice the contest where you can win a free big screen television just for including us on Facebook. See our website for details!

Brent Kline