Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Dodge Avenger for sale in the Kansas City Area

2012 is a big year for the Dodge Avenger. Like many vehicles under the Chrysler umbrella, it starts the year with a beautiful, soft touch interior that features many new race inspired accents, giving the Avenger a whole new Sport dimension.
What's under the hood this year is just as sporty with a 283 hp V6 Engine that is rated Best-In-Class. Speaking of Best-In-Class, the Avenger is also at the top when it comes to fuel economy with 29 Highway MPG. WOW!
Looking for versatility, safety and value? Well look no further because the Avenger is again at the top of the charts because all of their 2012 Avenger models come equipped with several standard safety features. The sleek and stylish exterior will catch eyes and definitely change the way you view your daily commute.
Not sure yet? No problem, because you can come into Woody's anytime and find out for yourself by taking a test drive today!!! You know what? At Woody's, it's okay to think about it overnight. Yes, we want to sell you this beautiful new Dodge Avenger, or any other vehicle, but it's okay if you want to buy tomorrow, or next week and not today! WOW!!!!
Go online and check it out!!!

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