Friday, December 4, 2009

joy toys

RSVP Joy toys which operates out of the senior citizens building on Locust street in Chillicothe conducts a really awesome service year round. They collect bicycles trikes and toys and give them away to those who have need. I heard KCHI say this morning that they are still in need of toys. If you have a spare bicycle or toys or just want to make a donation to help with the repairing of the toys and bicycles, I would highly recommend everyone get behind this great cause.

Likewise, the county health center has a mitten tree project going on to get warm mittens and gloves in "the hands" of those who need them. Again, what a great cause.

When we go out of our way to do good for others it is like setting our lives aside to help others. Jesus taught is to do this and if fact paid the ultimate sacrifice of laying down his life for us...which is what Christmas is about. We can lay our lives down for other in small ways.

Thanks, Brent

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