Thursday, October 21, 2010

Robin Hussey Woody's Automotive Group

Meet our very own Robin Hussey, Service Advisor for Woody’s Automotive Group.

Robin is a two time breast cancer survivor. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, which was later confirmed with a Mammogram. Her kids, Derek was 2 ½ and Sarah was 5 years old. Robin said, “I kept a positive outlook for my kids because I didn’t want to disrupt their lives”. In 2009 she was diagnosed again and all in all she’s had 17 surgeries. After her last surgery she didn’t miss her daughter’s softball game the next day. After asking how she got through each day she said, “Faith and my kids kept me going.

Today, Robin enjoys every moment with her husband and kids! Derek is now 13 and enjoys many sports. Sarah is 16 years old and also enjoys many activities.

Robin would like to encourage everyone to get a Mammogram, be proactive with self breast exams. If you feel something is wrong no matter what age see your doctor!
Join Woody’s with a donation today to help raise awareness and find a cure. All proceeds go directly to the Susan G. Komen FOR THE CURE foundation.

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