Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woody's Automotive Group Grand Re-Opening

It was 1947 when entrepreneur Woodrow Wilson Kline (Woody) began his first new car store in Manly Iowa, selling the brand of Kaiser Frazier.
Woody eventually moved to the area and with his progressive way of thinking invested in several businesses including a radio, television and camera shop.
After retirement, Woody wor...ked with his son Woodrow (Fritz) Kline in various businesses including Chillicothe Mobile Homes, Chillicothe Suzuki Sports Center and Camper Sales, and Kline’s Speedway.
After 3 generations of business, one evolving into the NEW Woody’s Automotive Group… Woody’s is still bringing a positive impact to the Chillicothe area.
I’m Brent Kline and I was born and raised in Chillicothe!
Woody’s is ALL NEW…yes, but three generations later, The New Woody’s Automotive Group is still fulfilling the legacy of treating people right, being progressive, meeting your needs and having a positive impact.
We’re celebrating with a Grand Reopening (celebration of our past, present and future)! Please join the New Woody’s Automotive Group

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